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"Michael Steele's book is a prescription for not only returning the Republican Party to power - it's an action plan for bringing the party of Lincoln back to the conservative principles upon which both it and the nation were founded. It's a must-read for everyone who believes that 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness' is more than an antiquated catchphrase in a historical document." --Mark R. Levin, New York Times bestselling author of Liberty and Tyranny -- A Conservative Manifesto

"In the face of exploding deficits, an attempt to nationalize healthcare, and the erosion of the values that made America great, Michael Steele is taking a stand. Upon witnessing the suffering of the United States and the Republican Party when it abandons its core conservative principles, Steele sounds a long-overdue battle cry for a fresh, energetic conservatism to fight Obama's socialist vision." --Sean Hannity, national radio and television talk show host

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Maryland's Former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele: Long-Boiling Anguish In Baltimore Has 'Finally Erupted'
Huffington Post - April 30, 2015
Maryland's former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele joined HuffPost Live on Thursday to weigh in on the unrest that has permeated Baltimore, Maryland since Freddie Gray died after sustaining injuries during police custody. Continue reading →

Ferguson is another reminder of how we don't live in a 'post-racial' America
The Grio - MSNBC - August 27, 2014
Michael Brown has been eulogized and buried. Family, friends, indeed a nation mourns the senseless loss of a mother's son. Continue reading →

Time to bring kidnapped American aid worker Warren Weinstein home

The Grio - MSNBC - August 12, 2014
On Wednesday, August 13, the President will probably wake up and go for a run on the beach in Martha's Vineyard. On the same day, somewhere in the hilly region between Pakistan's cities and the Afghan Border... Continue reading →

For Diebold, the World Cup isn't the only game in Brazil

The Grio - MSNBC - July 1, 2014
The heat is on in Brazil, and the temperatures are likely to reach boiling point by the fall. Continue reading →

We need more action, less talk from Obama administration on veterans health

The Grio - MSNBC - June 9, 2014
The incredible neglect, abuse and deaths of patients in Veterans Affairs hospitals, along with the stonewalling of information by top VA officials... Continue reading →

Why Obama needs to "Build Baby Build" the Keystone XL pipeline

The Grio - MSNBC - April 17, 2014
In a speech before the 2008 Republican National Convention, I unveiled the "Drill Baby Drill" battle cry to reduce our nation's dependency on foreign sources of oil... Continue reading →

Michael Steele on what motivates Vladimir Putin

The Grio - MSNBC - March 17, 2014
During the presidential debate in October, 2012 President Barack Obama took Governor Mitt Romney to task for his antiquated view of foreign policy... Continue reading →

Michael Steele weights in on CPAC: Who best articulates modern conservatism?

The Grio - MSNBC - March 10, 2014
By all accounts the gathering of grassroots conservatives for the American Conservative Union's CPAC event in Prince George's County, Maryland offerred the right mix of hot rhetoric and new faces; reflection and assessment. Continue reading →

Michael Steele: Martin Luther King proved perserverance breeds success

The Grio - MSNBC - January 20, 2014
When I think of Dr. King, I think of his courage, vision, strength, humanity, and most importantly, his perserverance. Continue reading →

Michael Steele: South Africa stands taller thanks to Nelson Mandela 

The Grio - MSNBC - December 6, 2013
Imprisoned for 27 years because he fought to be equal and free, a man can become bitter, even angry at his jailors and the oppressors they represent. Continue reading →

Michael Steele: Obama should have refused to meet al-Maliki

The Grio - MSNBC - November 7, 2013
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki met with President Barack Obama in Washington on November 1st, and leading up to his visit... Continue reading →

Michael Steele on why HBCUs are hanging by a thread

The Grio - MSNBC - October 24, 2013 
With so many of the civil rights battles behind us, and the satisfaction that comes from the success of African-Americans in business, politics, sports and entertainment, it is no surprise that the assault upon the integrity and historic purpose of our nation's Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) has been little noticed by the mainstream media and, more sadly, the black community itself. Continue reading →

Michael Steele on shutdown: 'We have elected a bunch of children to run our government'

The Grio - MSNBC - October 2, 2013
Look ma, no federal government! At some point the entire BS that is the government shutdown sinks in and we have to deal with reality: We have elected a bunch of children to run our government. Continue reading →

Michael Steele: The 'Dream' is still alive

The Grio - MSNBC - August 28, 2013
I had the pleasure of running into Donna Brazile the other day and talking abut the 50th Anniversary programs and celebrations for the 1963 March on Washington. Continue reading →

Michael Steele: How Republicans should fix Obamacare

The Grio - MSNBC - August 21, 2013
Last summer when the Supreme Court delivered its surprising affirmation of the Patient Protection and Affordable CareAct (a.k.a. "Obamacare"), liberals rejoiced and sang the praises of the very court they had, up until then, vilified; and conservatives scratched their heads at the perceived betrayal by Chief Justice John Roberts and renewed their call to "repeal and replace" the law after the November elections. Continue reading →

Michael Steele: Supreme Court 'gut' the Voting Rights Act

The Grio - MSNBC - June 25, 2013
"The Right of Citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States by any state on account of race, color or previous condition of servitude and that the Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation." Continue reading →

Michael Steele: College Republican report is a wake-up call for GOP

The Grio - MSNBC - June 4, 2013
The College Republican National Committee (CRNC) released its "Grand Old Party for a Brand New Generation" report with surprisingly little fanfare, but to devastating effect. Continue reading →

Michael Steele: Republicans at a crossroads
The Grio - MSNBC - May 12, 2013
One of the hardest things to do in politics, believe it or not, is to standout. Continue reading →

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