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"Michael Steele's book is a prescription for not only returning the Republican Party to power - it's an action plan for bringing the party of Lincoln back to the conservative principles upon which both it and the nation were founded. It's a must-read for everyone who believes that 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness' is more than an antiquated catchphrase in a historical document." --Mark R. Levin, New York Times bestselling author of Liberty and Tyranny -- A Conservative Manifesto

"In the face of exploding deficits, an attempt to nationalize healthcare, and the erosion of the values that made America great, Michael Steele is taking a stand. Upon witnessing the suffering of the United States and the Republican Party when it abandons its core conservative principles, Steele sounds a long-overdue battle cry for a fresh, energetic conservatism to fight Obama's socialist vision." --Sean Hannity, national radio and television talk show host

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Why you should host political speaker Michael Steele:

  • An insider’s perspective on national politics and up-to-the-minute analysis of key issues
  • With the 2012 election on the horizon, he identifies what’s at stake for businesses and organizations.
  • Expertise on how public policy affects the economy, from jobs to government spending

One of the nicest, most congenial guest speakers we have ever had and extraordinarily easy to work with. Mr. Steele was a pleasure.- Newington Cropsey Foundation

Michael Steele's Speech Topic(s)

  • The Republican Party and the Race for 2012

The Republican Party is in flux. With so many presidential hopefuls testing the waters, who will emerge as the top candidate and secure the Party’s nomination? Will that candidate have what it takes to go up against President Barack Obama in 2012? Michael Steele, former chair of the Republican National Committee, analyzes the Republican Party, providing insight into the candidates, their fundraising efforts, and political strategy.

  • Inspired and Inspiring Leadership

Michael S. Steele delivers a stirring presentation on his personal journey from his childhood as the son of a working mother in Washington, DC, to his difficulties in college, his years in a Catholic seminary, and his election to public office and rise in the Republican Party. He is a role model and leader whose personal story of struggle and fortitude inspires audiences of all ages.

  • The Political Scene According to Steele
Michael S. Steele is a witty, engaging, and savvy political observer. His experiences as Maryland’s lieutenant governor, as a candidate for the US Senate, and as a Republican Party leader make him an excellent guide on the fast-paced world of politics. He is a political pundit and the newest political analyst at MSNBC.
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