Polishing and waxing your vehicle only requires a microfiber cloth, an auto cleaner, warm water, car wax or car polish, and a soft cloth or sponge. You should clean the surface of your car completely, including the wheel arches, before beginning the polish or wax.

Before starting the wax or polish to your car, firstly look at the surface of the vehicle. Is there any white residue on it? That which is there should be a pure layer of wax/polish on it, while the rest of the surface is dirty. In case of a neglected wax application, the newly applied car wax will not coat the entire surface of the car and thus will look rusty after a few days/weeks.

In case your car color is black, you need to buy the best car waxes for black cars in the market to keep maintain their black shine. For cars with other colors, standard car waxes or polishes can do the work very well.

Car wash and polishing in progress

You should apply car wax or polish to a clean section of your car, for instance, first with a microfiber cloth and then with a damp cloth. Refer to the greasest panel that you are using for your wax/polish application. The best way is to apply a thin layer over the previously mentioned panel, and then allow it to dry for some time. Then, you can apply the wax/polish over the same section again of your car.

When you have finished waxing or polishing your car, you have to wait for a few minutes until the wax/polish has a chance to seep into the paint. You can remove it if you find that it looks ugly or rusty after letting it dry for a few minutes. When you apply the wax/polish, you should follow the directions provided by the polish or wax seller. They generally provide professional service and expect DIY’ers to take care of the process of the car polishing.

Car Wax Types According to Thickness

The polish/wax usually comes in three thicknesses. Their names are carnauba, Brazil, and Monte Carlo. You should know that each one specifically has a different density. Carnauba is the middle one, having a denser wax than the Monte Carlo and a thinner layer than Brazil. Carnauba wax is usually used by those who want to impart a luxurious shine to your car and Carnauba only provides dullness to the finish.

The desired finish of the polish/wax is as close to natural as possible. If you know what finish you want for your car, then you can select the right polish for yourself.

Liquid Car Waxes Vs. Paste

The polish/wax usually comes in two types, liquid or paste. The liquid is recommended by most of the auto supply stores, as it is easy to apply and available in small quantities. The paste is a thick solution that requires more frequent applications.

When it comes to application, even though some might tell you to apply it on the sponge, a microfiber cloth would be better. The cloth will ensure that even the finest drops are not missed. The raised microfiber helps to prevent those tiny yet dangerous drops that ruin the finish of the car.

The recommended time to apply the wax/polish is after the car cools down for half an hour or so. That way, the waxes, and polishes are both prepared for the extra tough surfaces when the car is seen in bright sunlight. Right before applying, make sure the surface is extremely dry and cool.

How Long Does it Take Off The Wax or Polish From You Car?

How long does it take to take off the wax/polish? For some, it takes only a few minutes; while for others, a half-hour is just enough. Just be sure to coat the painted areas that whole time, in order to protect them from moisture. Apply, allow it to dry, then buff it off in the evening after it has cooled down. No matter how tough it is – wax or polish – is prepared for by the initial application.